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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 400: Staff Employment


Personnel who are committed to the Division’s vision, mission, motto and belief statements and who demonstrate professionalism and expertise in their area of responsibility represent a precious commodity of the Division. The Division further believes that hiring and retaining quality staff members is enhanced by fair and consistent employment practices.
All personnel appointed to the staff of the Division shall be of exemplary character and possess competency in the skills required for the position to which they are being appointed. It is understood that all staff have been hired to assist with carrying out the goals of the Division.


  1. The Head of Human Resources is responsible for the development, implementation, administration and assessment of employment practices. These practices must be consistent with employment legislation, current collective agreements or contracts, Board policies and Division administrative procedures.
  2. Individuals, excluding substitute teachers and casual employees, shall be appointed to the staff of the Division in accordance with the following procedures:
    1. Unless filled through a lateral transfer, all permanent vacancies must be posted as per CUPE Collective Agreement and as per past practice for other positions or as per Administrative Procedure 426 – Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force for teachers.
    2. All offers and acceptances of employment shall be in writing.
    3. All initial appointments to staff shall be made:
      1. In the case of teachers, pursuant to Section 205 of the Education Act;
      2. In the case of unionized employees, pursuant to the provisions of current collective agreements;
      3. In the case of non-unionized employees, pursuant to such probationary period as may be established from time to time; and
      4. In the case of teachers designated as Principal of a school, pursuant to Section 202 of the Education Act.
  3. All offers of employment will be conditional on the receipt of current criminal record checks and vulnerable sector record checks.