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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 429: Teachers Relocation Advance and Moving Expense


In order to assist teachers in relocating to Fort McMurray, the District may provide interest-free salary advances up to $1,200.00 and/or moving allowance.


  1. Relocation Advance
    On receipt of a written application, the Superintendent or designate, may approve requests, in accordance with the following parameters:
    1. The advance shall be available on a one-time basis and paid no sooner than a week prior to the teachers start date.
    2. The advance shall be repaid by deductions from the applicant's pay in equal parts for the remainder of the current school year, ending June 30th.
    3. Recipients shall sign a promissory note relative to the monthly repayment or in the instance of resignation termination full repayment taken against outstanding salary entitlement.
  2. Moving Expenses
    1. Teachers who qualify:
      1. Must provide evidence of movement to Fort McMurray within 6 months of contract date.
      2. Request in writing to the Director of Business Services.
      3. Payment will be made once approved and the employee has started work.
    2. Teachers will each receive a one-time amount based on the distance criteria.
    3. A maximum of $1,500  will be reimbursed according to distance travelled and receipts submitted for moving and storage of household goods and travel from the old permanent residence of the employee, spouse and dependent children to the District.
    4. Expenses must comply with Canada Revenue Agency Allowable Moving Expense.
    5. A one-time moving expense will be based on location and distance as follows:
      1 Up to 500 km’s via road/highway    $500
      501 km’s up to 1000 km’s via road/highway  $1,000
      1001 km’s up to 7000 km’s via road/highway    $1,500