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Business Administration AP 507: Protection of Valuables in Schools


Each employee, visitor/volunteer, and student must exercise care and attention in safeguarding his/her personal property at all times.

The Division does not accept responsibility for the replacement or repair of damaged, lost or stolen personal property of employees, visitors/volunteers and/or students.

Employees hold a position of trust with respect to all property in their possession or owned by the Division.


  1. Administrators, Teachers or other staff who receive or collect money from any source shall as soon as reasonably possible turn over the funds turn it over to the Finance Administrative Assistant, School Administrative Assistant Principal or designate for safekeeping in the safe.
  2. Administrators, Teachers or other staff who suffer losses for themselves or others by failure to observe these procedures will be expected to bear those losses personally.
  3. Administrators, Teachers or other staff shall be responsible for safekeeping any property taken from a student as a result of a breach of school rules. If such goods are lost or stolen after being taken from the student, liability for such loss will rest with the Administrators, Teachers or other staff.