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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 416: Recognition and Retirement of Staff Members


The Board recognizes the service provided to the Division by employees who have reached retirement age.


  1. The Board shall present a suitably framed certificate to the employee.
  2. Recognition
    The Employee receives an award proportionate to the employee's length of service with the Division paid on their May payroll as follows: $20.00 for every 5 years of service as noted below.

    5 Years


    35 Years


    10 Years


    40 Years


    15 Years


    45 Years


    20 Years




    25 Years




    30 Years




  3. If an Employee resigns, then returns to FMPSD on a full year contract or position, their service will include prior years’ service. Casual and partial year contracts do not add to service award recognition.
  4. Retirement
    Employees who meet the criteria for retirement must have at least 10 years of service with the Division and are 55 years of age or older, will receive a Retirement Certificate and service recognition award with a maximum value of $20 dollars per year of service.