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General Administration AP 160 - Appendix B: Fire Safety Precautions


The Principal or Supervisor of the support facility, in conjunction with the Division Health and Safety Coordinator and the Fire Prevention Department of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo shall take all appropriate measures to prevent the outbreak of fire in each school or support facility and, if such an outbreak should occur, to minimize its effect.


  1. Areas in which flammable liquids or other combustible materials are stored shall be inspected periodically to ensure that the conditions for storage specified in the Fire Prevention Act, Occupational Health and Safety legislation and Building Safety Codes are met.
  2. Safety will be a primary criterion for selection of materials and/or equipment to be used within the Division.
  3. Hazardous consumable materials, such as chemicals, will have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MDS) supplied to the purchaser by the supplier at the time of purchase or obtained by the end user via the Division’s online MSDS system.