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Business Administration AP 545: Hazardous Chemicals Management


The District, in consideration of its responsibility for the safety of its employees and of the environment, directs the development and implementation of a chemical and hazardous wastes management plan which will govern purchase, inventory, use, storage, transport and disposal of all chemical, hazardous and dangerous goods and wastes used and generated in and by this District. This Administrative Procedure will apply to substances used in all areas of District operations such as custodial/maintenance, clerical/support, transportation, instruction and others.


  1. All activities related to using chemicals and generating hazardous wastes will be conducted in accordance with Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation.
  2. Approval for the purchase of such substances shall consider appropriate quantities, least toxic alternatives, shelf-life, use of consumer products and use of hazardous substances. The purchaser shall ensure that proper labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) accompany these substances when they are received from suppliers.
  3. Principals and Supervisors shall be responsible for maintaining an inventory of chemicals in their area.
  4. All users shall adhere to WHMIS regulations.
  5. Students shall be adequately instructed and supervised during the handling of these substances.
  6. Proper safety equipment shall be maintained and used as required.
  7. All workers shall be knowledgeable in handling materials and dealing with incidents and accidents resulting from the use of these substances.
  8. An ongoing training and educational program shall be established by Principals or Supervisors and made available to all employees as required.
  9. Supervisors shall approve the purchase of all substances (supplies) for use in their area of responsibility (e.g. Custodial supervisor shall approve the purchase of all custodial supplies) in accordance with the Chemical Management Plan developed at their site.
  10. Principals shall approve all substances and supplies ordered for instructional purposes within their schools.
  11. The individual and District shall ensure that all employees handling these substances understand WHMIS regulations. Each worker shall be responsible for the proper use of these substances in their work.
  12. An inventory shall be maintained. The inventory shall be reviewed and updated no less frequently than semi-annually by November 1 and May 1. Copies of the most recent inventory shall be maintained in the school office and accessible to all District personnel. A copy will also be filed with the Superintendent that also identifies which items are surplus, obsolete and/or expired items for disposal as per Admin Procedure 518.
  13. Supervisors and principals shall be responsible for assuring proper storage of these substances in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  14. The reuse, recycle and disposal of substances shall be according to proper procedures.
  15. Transport of these substances shall be carried out only by trained District personnel or contractors and in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations, and to designated District site(s).