Doing What’s Best for Kids

Policy 1: Division Foundational Statements

Vision Statement

Inspire and engage students for lifelong learning.

Mission Statement

The Fort McMurray Public School Division is a learning community dedicated to educating all students for personal excellence.


Doing What’s Best For Kids

Belief Statements

  • We believe parents and/or guardians are partners in student learning.
  • We believe in welcoming, caring, respectful and safe educational environments for all.
  • We believe in developing responsible and contributing citizens.
  • We believe in being accountable for results for student achievement
  • We believe in continuous improvement of the professional expertise and competence of our staff.

Governance Principles

As a board, we will:

  1. Ensure alignment of board policies and decisions with the overall vision and mission of the school division.
  2. Prioritize student well-being, achievement, and success in all decisions.
  3. Exercise responsible fiscal management and stewardship of resources to support educational outcomes.
  4. Maintain a high standard of respect and integrity.
  5. Use data and evidence to inform decision-making processes and improve educational outcomes.

Board Norms

In our interactions with one another:

  1. We are open to the contributions and ideas of one another and support the decisions of the board.
  2. We value and respect one another.
  3. We will respect different communication styles while focusing on the issues.
  4. We will come to meetings prepared and ready to engage in board work.
  5. We will focus on fostering effective relationships amongst the team.
  6. We will honour confidentiality.

Division Logo

The Board believes that a standard logo is important for corporate identification and to show unity within the Division.

The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for managing the development and use of the logo.

The Fort McMurray Public School Division logo, which includes the operational name, shall be used for corporate identification and promotional purposes.        

The design is to be reminiscent of a blackboard and a computer screen, tools of education past and present. The apple is a traditional symbol of a happy relationship that exists among teachers, children and families. The background color green symbolizes growth in the educational development of the children fostered by the public education system.

The division continues to use the logo for corporate identification and promotional purposes in a simplified form with the background and colours removed.

Download FMPSD Logo (Colour)

Download FMPSD Logo (B/W)