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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 412: District Office Out of Scope Management Vacation, Statutory and Leaves


The Division recognizes the demands placed upon out of scope management personnel, the hours of evening and often weekend work involved, and the importance of maintaining a good state of health on the part of such personnel, the Division authorizes the following arrangements.


  1. Vacation arrangements shall normally be scheduled through the supervisor, and booked through the Division Leave System.
  2. A proposed annual holiday plan shall be provided to the supervisor by September 1 and reviewed again by May 1 each year.
  3. Members of the out of scope management team shall be required to take an annual vacation of not less than three quarters of the annual allocation, once operational needs are covered, preference for vacation requests is when the Division office is closed to the public.
  4. Out of scope management personnel may accumulate up to thirty (30) days’ vacation as at August 31st each year.  Any days in excess of thirty (30) days will be paid out.
  5. Statutory holidays shall be as per employment standards and also include Boxing Day, the same day as specified in CUPE Collective Agreement for Easter Monday and the first Monday in August.
  6. Unless otherwise defined in the individual contract, leaves of absence will be provided for as per the Alberta Teachers Association local collective agreement, excluding personal days.
  7. At least one Senior Staff member (Director or higher) will be available at all times when the office is open to the public (Division office is traditionally closed to the public for the last week of July and first week of August, Spring Break and the week from Christmas day to New Years).