Doing What’s Best for Kids

Personnel and Employee Relations AP 410: Staff Participation in Political Activities


The Division acknowledges the positive effects that participation by employees in the democratic process can have on students.

It is expected that the interests of the students’ education will be paramount in any decisions about employee participation in the political process.


  1. The Superintendent may grant leave to employees for the purpose of campaigning for, and holding political office at the municipal, provincial, or federal level.
  2. Before any final commitments are made, the employee shall submit a letter to the Superintendent requesting leave for political activity. This letter is to outline in as much detail as possible the amount of leave required and the purposes for which leave is requested.
  3. Upon considering the application, the Superintendent may grant a staff member a leave for political service without pay on the following basis:
    1. During campaign for nomination and/or election.
    2. If the employee is elected:
      1. To the Parliament of Canada:
        Leave of absence for the elected term of office
      2. To the Legislature of Alberta:
        Leave of absence for the elected term of office.
      3. To the Local Government:
        Leave for political service (to a maximum of ten days in each school year) may be granted to employees elected to public office in local government in order for them to attend meetings, or carry out responsibilities of their elected office, which occur during normal working hours.
  4. Should an employee be granted a full time leave to accept an elected position, it is understood that any and all administrative designations held by the employee are terminated on the commencement of the leave for political service.
  5. Upon expiry of the leave for political service an attempt will be made, upon return to duty, to place that employee in a position suitable to their training and background.