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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 408 - Form 408-1: Leave of Absence Agreement

AGREEMENT made this  day of  ,


The Board of Trustees of
Fort McMurray Public School Division
(herein after called ‘the Board”)


(hereinafter called ‘the employee’).

  1. The Board hereby grants to the Employee, a leave of absence from their duties as an employee of the Board for the period commencing on  , to  , for the following purpose:

  2. The leave of absence is without remuneration or benefits and subject to any other applicable terms and conditions in the Salary Agreement in force between the Board and The Alberta Teachers’ Association and the terms and conditions hereinafter contained.
  3. The Employee agrees that any and all administrative designations held by the Employee are terminated on the commencement of the leave of absence.
  4. The Employee shall, during the leave of absence, devote their whole time and attention to the aforesaid purpose and shall not directly or indirectly engage or be concerned or interested in any other business, trade or calling without prior written consent of the Board.
  5. Upon the expiry of the leave of absence, or any extension thereof, the Employee
    1. Shall be guaranteed employment and not a specific position (except in the case of regular maternity leave)
    2. shall provide the Board with evidence sufficient to establish the satisfaction of the Board that the Employee has complied with the provisions of paragraph 4 hereof
    3. may be redesignated to an administrative position if both parties agree.
  6. The employee agrees to notify the Superintendent of Schools NO LATER THAN MARCH 1 of the leave regarding the employee’s intentions with respect to return to employment.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto executed these presents the day and year first above written.


Witness   Employee
Date   Superintendent of Schools