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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 402: Personnel Records


The efficient operation of the Division requires that personnel files be maintained for each employee.

In all cases, the material in the files is confidential, with access limited to the employee, the Principal/Supervisor, Superintendent, Human Resources Department personnel, and the Principal/Supervisor of any school/department to which the employee may be transferred.


  1. Nature of Personnel Files
    1. Human Resources Department
      An employee's file will include relevant data and information relating to a Division employee collected or maintained by the Division or by any person acting on its behalf.
      This may include:
      1. Original application information and documentation, including references;
      2. Teaching or trade certificates;
      3. Verification of academic, or professional training;
      4. Service records including placements and positions;
      5. Evaluation documents; and
      6. Payroll data.
      7. Relevant personal data:
        1. Extended leaves granted;
        2. Medical statements; and
        3. Other pertinent data.
      8. Any other correspondence related to the individual's employment.
        All data related to an employee that is provided to the Head of the Human Resources Department will be placed in the employee's personnel file, if it meets this criteria and has been seen by, or could reasonably have been expected to have been seen by, the employee.
    2. School/Department File
      The employee's file maintained by the Principal/Supervisor will include information and documentation relevant to the employee's assignment to the specific school/department.
      This file may include:
      1. Copies of evaluation reports;
      2. Copies of correspondence between the employee and the Principal/Supervisor or correspondence related to the employee; and
      3. Other relevant documents.
    3. Temporary or Working Files
      The employee's file will include data and information relating to the evaluation of the individual's performance.
      This may include:
      1. Observation notes;
      2. Notes from conversation with the employee and others related to the employee's performance;
      3. Copies of plans, teaching notes, evaluation material, etc. collected during the course of the evaluation period; and
      4. Other relevant material.
  2. Security of Personnel Files
    As security is of the utmost importance, personnel files are to be secured at all times when there is no supervision by authorized staff.
  3. Maintenance of Files for Former Personnel
    1. The payroll file maintained by the Human Resources Department of former employees will be maintained permanently. Information other than payroll may be destroyed when the employee reaches age 70.
    2. School/department files will be maintained at the school for two years after the employee leaves the school/department. These files will be forwarded to the Head of the Human Resources Department to be destroyed.
    3. In the event of school closure, all school/department files will be forwarded to the Head of the Human Resources Department to be destroyed.
    4. The temporary or working files of principals/supervisors will be destroyed whenever that relationship ends, due to the transfer or termination of either the Principal/Supervisor or employee. These files will be forwarded to the Head of the Human Resources Department to be destroyed.
  4. Employee's Access to Files
    Individual employees may review their personnel files subject to the following conditions:
    1. Arrangements made and approval provided by the personnel in Human Resources or Principal/Supervisor for school/department temporary/working files.
    2. Appointment to be established in advance.
    3. Documents may not be removed or copied unless approval is given.
    4. Files are to be examined in the presence of designated Human Resources personnel (permanent files) or Principal/Supervisor (school/department and temporary/working files).
  5. Removal of Items from Personnel Files
    Employees may request in writing that specific items be removed from the employee's personnel file, subject to the following conditions:
    1. Request is to be directed to Superintendent;
    2. Evaluation reports may not be removed for five years after they were received; and
    3. Other documents may not be removed for two years after they were received.
      Upon receipt of a request that specific documents be removed, the Superintendent will consider the request and render a decision within one month.
  6. Personal Information
    It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that the Head of the Human Resources Department is provided with current and correct personal information.