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Students AP 320: Student Records


The Division requires that student records be maintained for each student in print format or electronically. The purpose of student records is to provide relevant student data that has a direct bearing on the student's progress throughout his or her academic years and provides accurate information for those who are required to monitor student progress over extended periods of time.


  1. Three types of student records may be generated:
    1. Student Record Portfolio;
    2. Confidential Student Record; and
    3. Professional Working File.
  2. Student Records Contents
    The Student Record Portfolio shall contain:
    1. The student's name as registered under the Vital Statistics Act or if the student was born in a jurisdiction other than Alberta, the student's name as registered in that jurisdiction, and any other surnames by which the student is known;
    2. The name of the student's parents or guardians;
    3. The birth date of the student;
    4. The gender of the student;
    5. The addresses and telephone numbers of the student and the student's parent/guardian;
    6. The School Authority of which the student is a resident student;
    7. Selected medical information which may be easily accessed in an emergency situation (e.g.: procedure to be followed if child is a diabetic);
    8. The citizenship of the student and, if the student is not a Canadian citizen, the type of visa and its expiry date held by the student, or proof of Landed Immigrant status;
    9. The names of all schools attended by the student in Alberta and the dates of enrolment, if known;
    10. An annual summary at the end of each term or semester, of the student's achievement or progress in the courses and programs in which the student is enrolled;
    11. Standardized test results under any testing program administered by the Board to all or a large portion of the students or to a specific grade level of students (i.e.: Canadian Test of Basic Skills, Provincial Achievement Exams, etc.);
    12. An annual summary of the student's school attendance;
    13. If the parent of the student is eligible to have his children taught in the French language pursuant to section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a notation to indicate that and a notation to indicate whether the parent wishes to exercise that right;
    14. If a formal education plan (I.P.P.) is specifically devised for a student, the plan as amended from time to time, shall be placed on the student record of that student; and
    15. If a confidential record exists for the student, then the Student Record Portfolio must be marked with a coloured dot to notify the reader of such.
  3. Confidential Student Records
    Confidential Student Records shall be stored in a separate folder within the Student Record Portfolio and shall contain the following information:
    1. Any formal intellectual, diagnostic, cognitive, speech-language, social, or emotional test results or evaluations of the student, the date of the test, the name of the assessor or evaluator and a written summary of the results or any action taken as a result of the test or evaluation;
    2. A consent form signed by the parent or guardian authorizing the Division to carry out formal assessment with the student; and
    3. Any health information released by the parent of the student which is relevant to the student's school program.
      NOTE: Confidential Files may be viewed only in the presence of professional staff as designated by the Principal. Confidential files will be kept under separate cover in a locked cabinet.
  4. Professional Working Files
    Professional Working Files will not be placed in any Student Record Portfolio or in any Student Confidential Record. Professional working files refer to those files kept by school administrators, counsellors, Learning Assistance Centre teachers, and classroom teachers and may contain the following information.
    1. Notes and observations that are prepared by the administrators, counsellors, Learning Assistance Centre teachers and classroom teachers in their dealings with students and which are not used in program placement decisions; or
    2. Information which is of a sensitive nature and which may be used by that professional only.
  5. Record Retention
    The Principal will keep student records for a period of 2 years after the student has ceased to attend the school or until the record has been forwarded to another school. After this period has elapsed, student records will be forwarded to Division Office where they will be retained for 10 years after the student would have graduated from High School. All student records which have been stored by Division Office for the required time period will be destroyed by shredding.
  6. Access to Records
    Parents (Guardians) and students are entitled to review all student records with the exception of professional working files under Section 23 of the School Act and in this Division under the following circumstances:
    1. Records will be reviewed by parents and students in the presence of the Principal, or a professional designated by the Principal.
    2. No student record portfolio or student confidential file will leave the school building.
    3. Only copies of student records or portions thereof may be released to parents/guardians or students at the Principal's discretion.
    4. Subject to Clause 6.3; teachers of the student may access the Student Record Portfolios to update them periodically or review them, provided they are not taken from the school building.
    5. Teachers of the student may review Student Confidential Records in the presence of the Principal or a professional designated by the Principal.
  7. Release of Student Records
    No Student Records will be released or disclosed except:
    1. In accordance with Sections 23 and 43 of the School Act,
    2. To an employee or agent of the Board if the information is necessary and relevant to a matter being dealt with by the employee or agent,
    3. To an outside agency with the written permission of:
      1. The parent/guardian, if the student is less than 16 years of age, or
      2. The student or the parent/guardian, if the student is 16 years of age or older.
    4. With the written permission of the Minister, or
    5. In accordance with any other regulation under the School Act.
      Release of records under these circumstances shall be documented by the sending school as to whom and when records were released. Copies only will be released as detailed below.
  8. Student Transfer
    1. Requests for Student Record Portfolios and Student Confidential Records by schools or school Divisions within Province of Alberta:
      1. Require a written request from the Principal of the school to which the student has moved, unless the request comes from within the Division, in which case a telephone request is acceptable.
      2. Require that the original files be forwarded and that a record be kept at the sending school of the institution to which the files were sent and the date which they were released.
    2. Requests for Student Record Portfolios and Student Confidential Records from schools outside of the Province of Alberta:
      1. Require a written request from the Principal of the school to which the student has moved.
      2. Require that only copies of the originals be sent.
      3. Record retention will follow processes as set out in Section 5.