Doing What’s Best for Kids

Students AP 310: Student Supervision


The Division has a responsibility for the safety and well-being of students and wishes to ensure that no student knowingly be placed in a situation where a potential for unacceptably high risk exists. Every effort, including the provision of reasonable supervision by teachers or other responsible adults, will be made to reduce the potential for injury or damage to health or welfare of students. It is the responsibility of the Principal to provide supervision during the lunch break period,  respecting the rights of staff to have a reasonable time to have a break for lunch purposes.


  1. When students are in school, engaging in school-sponsored activities, or traveling to and from school on school buses, they are responsible to the Principal, and the Principal is responsible for supervision. School personnel assigned to their supervision serve in loco parentis.
  2. The Division expects all students to be under assigned adult supervision at all times when they are in school, on school grounds, traveling under school auspices, or engaging in school-sponsored activities. School personnel assigned this supervision are expected to act as reasonably prudent adults in providing for the safety of all students in their charge. The supervision must be appropriate to the needs of each child, the activity being undertaken, and the physical conditions of the environment.
  3. During school hours, or while engaging in school-sponsored activities, students will be released only into the custody of parents or other persons identified by the parents.
  4. The Principal will ensure that anyone who wishes to contact a student during the school day has the authority to do so.
  5. Lunch break supervision of students shall be provided for:
    1. Students who are transported to school and not taken home during the lunch break.
    2. Students who are permitted by the Principal to remain at school during the entire lunch break.
  6. Supervision duties may be carried out by Professional, non-professional staff and/or volunteers.  Principals are to make every effort to ensure Non-professional staff and volunteers are to have an ATA member(s) on supervision with them.
  7. Each Principal, in consultation with their staff, will determine the effective supervision required and assign supervision and or other assigned duties in a reasonable and equitable manner.