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Instructional Programs and Materials AP 215: Career and Technology Foundation/Studies


Student participation in Career and Technology Foundations/Studies (CTF/CTS) is a valuable learning experience for students in grades 5 to 12.

Fees for specific CTF/CTS courses may be determined by the Principal, in consultation with the Head of the Education Department.


  1. Grade 5 to 9 CTF
    1. The CTF program will be offered to Grade 5 to 9 students in their neighbourhood school.
    2. The CTF program offered at the Grade 5 to 9 level is to be designed by combining components of courses within and across strands (e.g. career clusters) to enable students to explore a wide range of career options.
  2. Senior High CTS
    1. CTS courses offered at the senior high level are to be designed to provide students the opportunity to investigate potential career choices from introductory courses to advanced courses in a career pathway of their choice, based on course availability and access.
    2. Students may elect to take a course in any year, depending on the availability of staff, facilities, and student places, recognizing that not all courses may be offered at all levels.
  3. CTF/CTS courses will be offered to students in grades 5 to 12 with due consideration of the abilities and interests of the students, expertise of the staff, financial, material and physical resources within the school and student enrolments.