Doing What’s Best for Kids

General Administration AP 130 - Appendix A: Staff Training and Development Opportunities


Students in the Division are entitled to receive services from staff who are committed to excellence in their work. To encourage staff to refine their work related skills and knowledge the Division will allow time for site based initiatives that focus on planned improvement activities designed to promote excellence in the delivery of instructional and support services.


  1. The Superintendent or designate shall have authority to approve modifications to the approved school year to allow individual schools or groups of schools up to four additional non-instructional days for carefully planned in-service programs that focus on improvements to instructional skills, strategies, knowledge or support services.
  2. In order to receive consideration for modification to the approved school year, a Principal must submit a plan that:
    1. Ensures provincial instruction time requirements are met
    2. Aligns with Division and provincial goals and priorities
    3. Is results oriented
    4. Has staff support
    5. Has School Council support
  3. Timeline recommendations:
    1. Plan submission deadline April 15
    2. Plan approval May 1
    3. Plan implementation September - May
    4. Results report June on current year