Doing What’s Best for Kids

Life Skills Program

In a world where education is the key to unlocking potential, the Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) offers a beacon of hope and opportunity through its Life Skills Program. This comprehensive initiative is designed to support students in grades 7 to 12 who experience moderate delays across various developmental areas. Catering specifically to those with physical, sensory, medical, or behavioural disabilities, this program is more than just an educational path; it's a gateway to enhanced life experiences.

Program Overview

The Life Skills Program at FMPSD stands out as a pivotal foundation for students who face unique challenges in the educational landscape. Our mission is simple but profound: to equip these young individuals with the essential skills to thrive academically, socially, and personally. Creating a nurturing and supportive environment will pave the way for our students to unlock their full potential.

Core Goals

Our dedicated educators and specialists work tirelessly to achieve a set of ambitious yet attainable goals:

  • Academic Excellence: Improving reading, writing, listening, and math skills, enabling our students to rise above their challenges.

  • Effective Communication: Enhancing the ability of students to express themselves clearly and interact with others in meaningful ways.

  • Personal Growth: Fostering a strong work ethic, study habits, and the overall development of personal and social skills.

Program Benefits

Participation in the Life Skills Program offers numerous benefits, directly impacting the lives of our students:

  • Confidence in Academics: Strengthened academic abilities open doors to new learning opportunities and future success.

  • Social Integration: Improved communication and social skills facilitate better interactions within the school community and beyond.

  • Life Readiness: With a focus on personal development, students are better prepared for life's challenges and equipped with the resilience and skills to succeed.

Delivery Method

We understand that structure and consistency are key to our students' success. Therefore, our program is delivered in a way that ensures optimal learning conditions:

  • Structured Environment: Our classrooms provide a safe space with regular routines and close supervision.

  • Focused Instruction: Smaller class sizes mean more targeted instruction tailored to individual needs.

  • Community Engagement: Opportunities for students to engage in school-wide and community activities enhance learning and social experiences.

Eligibility Criteria

The Life Skills Program is specifically tailored for students diagnosed with moderate cognitive delays who demonstrate significant academic challenges. We aim to ensure that all eligible students have access to our specialized educational pathways.

Commitment to Quality Education

Aligned with the Alberta Curriculum, the Life Skills Program guarantees that students receive the same high standard of education found throughout the Fort McMurray Public Schools. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every student receives an enriching and empowering education.

Transportation and Locations

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, FMPSD offers yellow busing options for students enrolled in special education programming. Fort McMurray Composite High School is proud to be one of the locations where this impactful program is offered.

In conclusion, the Life Skills Program is not merely an educational offering but a testament to FMPSD's dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. By addressing each student's unique needs, we champion their journey towards personal and academic success. Together, we are not just preparing students for the future but also shaping it.