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Business Administration AP 580: Use of District Owned Vehicles


District owned and school owned vehicles are only to be used for the purpose of carrying out District business or approved school activities.


  1. Only District employees shall be permitted to operate District owned vehicles unless the Director of Operations and Maintenance or Principal gives prior written approval.
  2. Passengers are permitted to ride with District employees only if they are conducting District business or participating in an approved school activity.
  3. Anyone operating a District vehicle must have a valid license for that type of vehicle as specified by provincial regulations.
  4. Traffic laws are to be obeyed at all times and each occupant must wear a seat belt except where otherwise expressly permitted by law (i.e. school bus).
  5. Goods being transported are to be properly secured. Transportation of dangerous goods must follow provincial regulations.
  6. Vehicles, other than school buses, are to be locked at all times whenever they are not in use. Keys are never to be left in the ignition when the vehicle is unattended.
  7. Maintenance Department vehicles are to be stored overnight in the respective maintenance compound with the following exception:
    1. In exceptional circumstances where Maintenance personnel who are on call and where it is in the best interest of the Division, as requested determined by the Director of Operations and Maintenance to the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent of Business and Finance.