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Business Administration AP 551: Playground Equipment


It is imperative that District playgrounds are maintained in a safe condition.


  1. Playground equipment will not be installed or replaced without written permission from the Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance.
  2. All playground equipment will meet current CSA standards.
  3. Any company which installs playground equipment will provide the District with written confirmation that the equipment and installation conform to the current CSA standards.
  4. The determination of which equipment meets current CSA standards will be made by personnel appropriately trained and certified.
  5. Playground equipment which does not conform to current CSA standards will either be upgraded to meet the standards or removed.
  6. The Director of Operations and Maintenance will meet with the Principal to establish an appropriate timetable for the upgrading or removal of the equipment.
  7. The removal of equipment which cannot be upgraded to meet CSA standards will occur within three (3) years from the time it is confirmed the equipment fails to meet the standards.
  8. Playgrounds and playground equipment will be checked regularly by the Director of Operations and Maintenance or designate, and a written report, describing the conditions, filed with the Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance and a copy provided to the Principal