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Business Administration AP 549: Personal Use of District Equipment and Materials


Equipment owned by the District has been purchased with public funds, on a tax exempt basis. As a result the District has a responsibility to ensure the equipment is used for the purpose for which it was intended.

Equipment and materials are to be used for educational purposes only.


  1. Use of equipment or materials by staff is not permitted unless this use directly supports the staff members' job related functions.
  2. Staff members wishing to use school equipment for the preparation of lessons, materials, etc. are permitted to take such equipment home provided:
    1. Equipment is properly signed out;
    2. The Principal approves the out-of-school use;
    3. The equipment is returned promptly to the school to ensure its availability for use during the instructional day; and
    4. The person using the equipment is held liable for costs of repair or replacement required as a result of personal use.