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Business Administration AP 548: Purchase/Connection of Equipment


The Division requires that all equipment purchased for use in schools/departments requiring lines for gas, water, drains or special electrical connections be approved by the Director of Operations and Maintenance regardless of the source of funding prior to purchasing. This is to ensure the building has the adequate connection capabilities for the equipment being purchased.

To ensure the safety of staff and students, all installation, relocation and servicing will be done only by qualified personnel under the supervision of the Director of Operations and Maintenance.


  1. Standards for approval by the Director of Operations and Maintenance for planned purchase and installation of equipment shall be based on:
    1. The availability of electrical circuits, gas, drain and/or water lines in the proposed location and/or the cost of providing these.
    2. Voltage compatibility between that provided to the facility and that required by the equipment.
    3. The requirements of the pertinent electrical and/or mechanical codes and/or Occupational Health and Safety Standards and/or CSA approvals.
  2. Staff shall identify desired or required equipment needs and submit these to the Principal/Director for approval ensuring all pertinent data such as type, model number, voltage, quantity, size, venting requirements, etc., are included.
  3. All facility requests shall be submitted by the Principal/Director.
  4. The Director of Operations and Maintenance shall determine if the request is feasible, estimated installation costs and whether work will be done by Facility Services personnel or by a contractor.
  5. The work order will be returned to the school/department for final authorization by the Principal/Director and the Principal/Director will include the estimated cost for the project in their budget.
  6. The Director of Operations and Maintenance will oversee installation of the equipment.