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Business Administration AP 544: Building and Grounds Maintenance


The District has a responsibility to protect the community's capital investment in school facilities by ensuring school buildings and grounds are adequately maintained.


  1. School buildings and grounds will be maintained at a level consistent with provincial code requirements and District standards.
  2. The District will periodically evaluate the physical condition of its facilities and grounds and identify both deficiencies and desired enhancements.
  3. Each year, as part of the operational planning and budgeting process, the District will prioritize facility and grounds maintenance projects and reflect these priorities in the recommended allocation of resources for budgeting purposes.
  4. The school building maintenance program will include:
    1. Minor maintenance and repairs that are conducted on an ongoing basis by maintenance and/or custodial staff;
      1. Maintenance and repair work orders initiated and/or approved by the Maintenance Coordinator will serve as the required authority to effect routine maintenance and repair either by contract or the District’s own forces.
    2. Scheduled maintenance including such items as servicing air handling systems and furnaces, playground lawn cutting, etc.;
    3. Major scheduled maintenance activities such as painting, playground development, renovations not funded under Infrastructure Maintenance Renewal (IMR), etc.;
      1. Major maintenance and repair projects will be undertaken in accordance with the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure approved by the District.
    4. Building modernization projects funded under IMR such as roof replacements and responses to building code requirements.
  5. The Director of Operations and Maintenance is responsible for developing and implementing the District's buildings and grounds maintenance program.