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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 460: Teachers on Call


Teachers may occasionally be absent from their official duties. Students must have access to continued instruction and supervision. Accordingly, the hiring of qualified substitute teachers is supported.


  1. The Deputy Superintendent shall develop and maintain a list of approved substitute teachers.
  2. The District will maintain a centralized substitute service.
  3. Teachers wishing to be considered for the District Substitute Roster must provide the following:
    1. An Alberta Teacher Certificate or Letter of Authority.
    2. A Teacher Qualification Statement.
    3. Statement of teaching experience from each jurisdiction.
    4. A Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check.
    5. Evidence of the subjects and grades qualified to teach.
    6. Cover letter, resume, and two current references.
  4. An information package will be made available to teachers requesting placement on the District roster.
  5. When substitute teachers are deployed, they are responsible to the Principal of the school in which their assignment is located.
  6. Teachers requiring a substitute have the following responsibilities:
    1. Contacting the substitute service as soon as the need occurs.
    2. Providing details of the assignment, including date(s) required and the expected arrival time of the substitute.
    3. Making appropriate lesson and seating plans available to the substitute teacher.
  7. Teachers may request a specific teacher be engaged, but the substitute service has the ultimate responsibility.
  8. Teachers on Call have the following responsibilities:
    1. Establishing, and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning.
    2. Supervising student activities as outlined by the absent teacher and/or the Principal.
    3. Carrying out their duties in accordance with the policies and procedures of Alberta Education, the District and the school.
    4. Reporting to the Principal or designate upon arrival at the school.
    5. Carrying out the activities as outlined in the plans prepared by the regular teacher.
    6. Informing the Principal when lesson plans or appropriate activities have not been made available.
    7. Providing a written report for the regular teacher, describing significant developments or accomplishments.
    8. Completing the forms provided by the Principal or designate, which are associated with payroll procedures.
  9. Principals have the following responsibilities:
    1. Providing the substitute teachers with relevant information regarding the operation of the school.
    2. Providing appropriate support for all substitutes deployed at the school.
    3. Ensuring that teachers file appropriate classroom materials to be provided to a substitute when lesson plans are not immediately available.
  10. Unsatisfactory Performance by a Teacher On Call
    1. The teacher shall inform the substitute teacher of the nature of the complaint, and if the teacher intends to forward the complaint to the Principal then the substitute must be informed, in writing, of the intent.
    2. When a Principal or designate believes the performance of a substitute teacher has been unsatisfactory, a written report shall be filed with the Deputy Superintendent, and a copy provided to the substitute teacher.
    3. When a written report from a Principal indicates a substitute teacher is not to be assigned to his/her school, the substitute service will honour the request.
    4. When written reports from more than one (1) Principal indicate that a substitute will no longer be welcome at his/her school, the substitute teacher will be removed from the District roster, and informed by the Deputy Superintendent.