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Business Administration AP 505: Student Fees


Instructional Material Supply fees are required to support programs. As well, parents/guardians may choose to enroll their students in extra-curricular activities such as ski trips, sports tournaments, and enhanced programs such as PEAK Athletics/Reggio/Montessori or optional programs such as early childhood development program (ECDP). To support these programs and activities, fees are assessed.


  1. Each year as part of the Budget process, the Board shall set the rates for school fees which are universally applied to each student regardless of their educational program.
  2. Payment of the student fee shall entitle a student access to all basic instructional materials required for the program and courses in which they are enrolled.
  3. Principals may charge extra fees for non-program related items provided the student has the option of avoiding the fee by not participating in the activity or service for which the fee is assessed.
  4. Principals have the authority to recover the costs of lost or non-returned textbooks, library books and other instructional materials from students, parents and guardians.
    1. Full refund if item is returned within 6 months of return date and in the condition loaned, less normal wear and tear
  5. Principals are responsible for the collection of unpaid fees.
  6. The Student Fees are:
    1. Early Entry/Kindergarten Programs (Effective September 1, 2021):

      Program Per Month Per Year
      Early Entry (ECDP) $80 $800
      Reggio $30 $300
    2. PEAK Athletics Fees

      Program Per Month Per Term Per Year
      Basketball (Elementary) $50   $500
      Basketball (Junior High) $75   $750
      Baseball $100   $1,000
      Cricket (Elementary) $50   $500
      Cricket (Junior High) $30   $300
      Dance (Junior High) $80   $800
      Dance (Senior High/Per Term)   $400  
      High School Programming
      (sport specific instruction only)
      $125   $1,250
      Hockey (Elementary/Junior High) $225   $2,250
      Hockey (Senior High/Per Term)   $1,125  
      Multi-Sport (Elementary) $50   $500
      Soccer $50   $500
      Soccer - Dr. Clark (no bussing/facility rental) $30   $300
      Volleyball (Elementary) $50   $500
      Volleyball (Senior High/Per Term)   $400  
    3. Caution Fees:
      1. Summer School$100
      2. Caution fees will be refunded if students meet the minimum requirements for funding from Alberta Education and have no outstanding fees or charges.
    4. Foreign Student Tuition

        Tuition Per Semester* Tuition Per Year**
      Early Entry ECDP $1,725 $3,450
      Kindergarten Half Day $1,725 $3,450
      Grades 1-12 $3,450 $6,900
      Summer School $900 per course
      Other Fees It is the student’s responsibility to meet all of the other costs associated with attending a Fort McMurray Public School (for example school books and supplies, special course materials, resource fees, activities, student fees, and ground transportation).

      *Per semester (Sept 1-Jan 31; Feb 1-June 30)         **Per year (Sept 1-June30)

  7. Participation in ECDP, Regio, and PEAK is conditional upon the payment of fees.
  8. Basic textbooks and/or instructional materials shall be distributed to students in Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High. Principals are not to refuse to supply these basic texts and/or instructional materials to students whose fees are in arrears. Accounts that are in arrears are not to participate in extracurriculars until the account is paid in full or under an approved payment plan by the Associate Superintendent Business & Finance or their delegate. 
  9. Principals may charge program and activity fees to offset the following types of costs:
    1. Accommodation and food costs for Outdoor Education and/or field trips.
    2. Activity fees for non-Division facilities; i.e. golf, swimming, skiing, etc.
    3. Transportation costs for out of Division curricular and all extra-curricular field trips.
  10. The program and activity fees proposed must be identified in the course outline at the beginning of a term or semester, or must be considered a worthwhile addition to the program.
  11. Principals shall ensure programming for students who are unwilling, unable to participate, or unable to pay the program fee.
  12. School non-program charges will be identified and assessed for the following types of items:
    1. Purchase of gym strip
    2. Student Union fee, $30 per school grades (7) seven to (12) twelve
    3. Purchase of yearbook
    4. Purchase of school pictures
  13. The Superintendent shall be advised by way of addenda to the Annual School Improvement Plan of all program and non-program fees proposed at each school.
  14. The addenda will outline the communications strategy and timetable principals will use to advise parents of the fees structure for each school term/semester.
  15. Parents/Guardians who have not paid their student fees and other charges will be sent a statement of account approved by the Principal no later than October 15.
  16. Parents/Guardians who continue to not have paid their student fees will be directly contacted by the Principal or designated Vice Principal on or before November 15th.  Failure to meet with the administrator to pay the outstanding fees and other charges or failure to arrange automatic payments can result in restrictions to extracurricular activities.
  17. Additional charges throughout the school year that have not been paid within 15 days will be sent notice of outstanding account and within 45 days the Principal or designated Vice Principal will directly contact the parents/guardians.  Failure to meet with the administrator to pay the outstanding fees and other charges or failure to arrange automatic payments can result in restrictions to extracurricular activities.
  18. The Division recognizes that from time to time, there may be a need to review fees due to hardship. When payment of student fees cannot be made in full, the parent(s) / guardian(s) or independent student is required to make written application for special consideration to their Principal, see appendix. The Principal has the authority to provide a payment plan or to reduce the fees. Any fee reduction will be charged to the school budget. Any hardship request must be made annually and supported by appropriate documentation.
  19. Fees will be prorated according to the months remaining in the school year for students registering after September 30.
  20. Refund of fees will be provided by cheque under the following conditions:
    1. Fees for Supplies and Material, and Academies or other optional programs:
      1. Full refund if student is withdrawn before September 15 less the admin fee.
      2. Prorated refund of annual fee based on the number of months left in the school year. The month of withdrawal will not be included in the refund.
      3. A $25 non-refundable administration fee is applicable to all fees (e.g. $25 will deducted from any refund)
      4. Refunds will only be issued if the student’s account is up to date with no other fees outstanding.
    2. Purchase of goods or material from schools
      1. Full refund if item is returned in original condition within 10 calendar days. Proof of payment is required.
    3. Foreign Students Tuition Fees
      1. Full refund if the student:
        1. Is denied admission to a Division school
        2. If unable to obtain a study permit prior to September 30
        3. There will be no refunds issued for late arrivals. Once students commence study in the Division, no refunds will be issued for that term or course.
      2. If a student becomes a permanent resident of Canada or the student’s parents obtain a work or study permit valid for the duration of the student’s study program, a 100% refund will be issued if the documentation is received prior to September 30; Prorated refund of Annual fee based on number of months left in the school year. The month of withdrawal will not be included in the refund.