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Personnel and Employee Relations AP 408: Annual Leaves of Absence


Under certain circumstances an employee may request a leave of absence from the Division for a period of one year. Leaves of absence of not more than one year, to a maximum of two consecutive leaves, may be granted provided that the request is made, in writing, prior to March 1 and the individual agrees to make a return commitment prior to March 1 of the year in which the leave is in effect. [In any school year no more than four percent (4%) of the teaching staff will be considered for leave of absence. Generally, teachers cannot be guaranteed a specific teaching assignment or a previously held position.]


  1. The Division may consider a special request from an employee for a leave of absence to accept employment elsewhere.
  2. The following conditions shall apply to specific leaves of absence:
    1. Educational Leaves - to attend a recognized University. The employee must submit proof of enrolment and final marks to the Head of the Human Resources Department.
    2. Maternity Leave - maternity leave is regulated under the Labour Relations Code, Board of Industrial Relations Order No. 71 (1976). A yearly leave may be granted where it coincides with administrative recommendation.
    3. Medical Leaves - doctor affirmations to be submitted quarterly.
    4. Leaves for other than clauses 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 above may be considered on an individual basis, realizing that the above take priority.