Doing What’s Best for Kids

Students AP 318: Pediculosis (Lice)


The District recognizes the concern represented by the transmission of pediculosis in schools and therefore encourages close communication between school staff, parents and public health nurses regarding the detection and resolution of instances of pediculosis. Care will be taken to protect the individual from undue invasion of privacy.


  1. School staff shall work with public health authorities, School Councils and the Occupational Health and Safety Specialist to describe and then communicate to parents both preventative and remedial procedures for dealing with instances of pediculosis. The Appendices to this procedure are recommended as references.
  2. Parents of infected students are to be requested to pick up students from school as soon as possible for treatment.
  3. Students may be permitted to return to school after they have undergone a recommended course of treatment.
  4. If there are ongoing concerns about particular cases not responding or being compliant with therapy, then the Principal or designate shall inform Alberta Health Services of these concerns.