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Students AP 306: External Placements


External placements will be considered only when the Division is not able to meet the basic educational needs of an individual student who is a resident student of the Division.


A resident student means an individual who is entitled to have access to an education program under section 3 and who is a resident student as determined under section 4 of the Education Act.


  1. When a request for an external placement is initiated by a parent or independent student, the Superintendent shall determine whether such a placement is necessary. If it is determined that an external placement is required, the District shall support the non-resident tuition fee established by the receiving school authority.
  2. If a parent/guardian or independent student is in disagreement with the Superintendent as to the suitability of the program to which the student is directed, the parent/guardian or the student (if sixteen (16) years of age or older) may appeal to the Board as per Board Policy 13, Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters.
  3. As per the School Act, the Board's decision may be appealed to the Minister.
  4. If an external placement is the parent/guardian or independent student’s choice but not deemed educationally necessary by the Superintendent, by mutual agreement with the receiving school authority, the Superintendent may choose to transfer basic Alberta Education funding received on behalf of this student (less an administration fee) to an external placement program.
    1. Any remaining costs would be the responsibility of the parent/guardian or independent student.
  5. the external placement of a student shall be reviewed annually.