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Instructional Programs and Materials AP 260 - Form 260-7: Sample Field Trip Letter To Parents/Guardians

18 October 1989
Your School
1885 Robson Road
Sumware, B.C.

Dear Parents:

Our class is planning an outdoor school at Gnat Lake Forestry Camp near Fantasy, B.C. from Monday, November 30th to Friday, December 4th. Most of the activities we will be involved in will deal with the objectives of the Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education curricula. Some time will also be devoted to Mathematics, Language Arts and Fine Arts. I will send along a timetable of our planned activities in about three weeks.
The camp has a trained staff of three adults to assist us in lessons in hiking, first aid, natural history, forestry, canoeing, and, if weather permits, snowshoeing. I have also completed the Capilano College "Wilderness First Aid"course and the school district "Hiking and Backpacking" course. Ms. Jones, another teacher who will accompany us, has completed the district's canoeing program in addition to the two above courses.
We anticipate involving all students in the following outdoor activities:
• a one night, overnight hike (11 km return) along a trail to Lake Hoodoo;
• canoeing lessons on Gnat Lake
• several day hikes (1-2h) on local trails;
• snowshoeing.
There are always some risks associated with any trip of this nature, however, I feel that the training of the supervisors involved and the benefits to be derived, should combine to make this a safe and beneficial event. Our recent bake sale and the "read-a-thon" have raised some of the money needed, but we anticipate costs will be about $25 per student. If required, more information will follow in the next few weeks. Would you please complete the attached (Field Trip/Excursion Consent and Waiver Forms and Medical Form) and return it to the school by Friday, October 26th.
If you have any questions about the outdoor school, please don't hesitate to contact me at the school between 8 and 8:45 a.m., at noon, or between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m.

Ms. Roberta Bush