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Instructional Programs and Materials AP 260 - Form 260-5: Principal’s Final Checklist For Out-Of-Town Travel

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1. Reviewed request with Associate Superintendent of Business & Finance or Designate for insurance purposes? Yes No
2. Confirmed that the purpose of curricular travel has a direct relationship to the Alberta Program of Studies? Yes No
3.   Consent forms sent and returned? Yes No
4.   Waiver form sent and returned? Yes No
5.   Medical Insurance numbers recorded? Yes No
6.   Alternate contact persons established? Yes No
7.   Field trip form submitted? Yes No
8.   Transportation organized and confirmed? Yes No
9.   Itinerary established and sent home? Yes No
10.   Lodging booked? Yes No
11.   Medical facilities established? Yes No
12. Emergency numbers secured? Yes No
13. Costs established and collected? Yes No
14. Equipment list established? Yes No
15. First aid kit? Yes No
16. Safety review completed? Yes No
17. Reviewed the risk factors listed in section 11.6 of AP 260 and will continue to monitor in regards to this application? Yes No
18.  Superintendent has been informed? Yes No


Supervisor Date
Principal Date