Doing What’s Best for Kids

Instructional Programs and Materials AP 203: Multiculturalism


Cultural diversity is a positive feature of Canadian society, and multiculturalism is an interdisciplinary process designed to foster the development of cultural understanding. Division schools are encouraged to provide learning experiences whereby all students have opportunities to develop pride in their cultural heritage, self-esteem and understanding of Canada’s culture.


  1. Programs of instruction will acknowledge that ethnic and cultural diversity are positive features of Canadian society.
  2. Opportunities will be provided for students to learn attitudes and skills that will enable them to succeed in the larger Canadian community.
  3. Student assessment, taking into account cultural, linguistic and educational background, social maturity and capacity for achievement will be provided.
  4. Opportunities for children to learn about their own heritage and to develop positive attitudes toward Canada’s multicultural society will be provided.
  5. The curriculum taught will reflect the contribution of all cultural groups to Canadian history, literature and life.
  6. Principals will encourage the recognition and celebration of multicultural special days and holidays as an integral part of the curriculum.