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General Administration AP 191: Computer Software


The Division intends to adhere to the provisions of copyright laws in the area of computer programs.


  1. All software used on Division computers must comply with the appropriate Canadian legislation.
  2. The legal, ethical, and practical problems caused by software piracy will be taught in all schools and brought to the attention of all teachers in the Division.
  3. Illegal copies of copyrighted programs may not be installed or made on school equipment or equipment owned by a service provider.
  4. Legal or insurance protection will not be extended by the Division to employees who violate copyright laws.
  5. When software is used on a network system, efforts will be made to safeguard the software from being copied.
  6. Notwithstanding the above, Division employees are authorized to make archival copies of copyrighted software, if such are not provided.
  7. Division employees and agents must receive authorization to make a copy or adaptation of a computer program, provided that such a copy or adaptation is a necessary step in the utilization of the computer program and that it is used in no other manner. Without authorization said employees or agents shall not have the benefit of the legal or insurance protection of the Division.
  8. The Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance is designated to sign license agreements for software for schools in the Division.
  9. Original copies of licensing agreements and media are to be stored by the Director of Information Technology and Digital Communications.
  10. The Principal of each school is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that these procedures are followed at the school level.
  11. Departments must purchase all software required except for the operating system through the Technology Department to ensure the Division standards are followed.  The Technology Department will ensure that the requested software meets the necessary guidelines for security, operability and review additional hardware or network changes required for the request.