Doing What’s Best for Kids

General Administration AP 183: GPS (Global Positioning Software) on School Buses


The Division has a responsibility to ensure that safe transportation services are provided for students, staff and volunteers. The Division also has a responsibility to run an efficient transportation system. In providing safety and efficiency, the Division supports the use of GPS (Global Positioning Software) on school buses if available.


  1. Access to Information
    1. Access to the GPS system and website is restricted to those employees who require the information to perform their duties.
    2. Persons with access to the GPS system and website will have restricted access to real time data, historical data, or both, based on their user-specific needs.
    3. Personal information will not be disclosed outside the Division except if required where disclosure is appropriate in the circumstances or where consent is present.
  2. Information will be used to:
    1. To allow parents/guardians the ability to track approximate bus location. 
    2. Locate buses and provide rescue assistance in emergency situations.
    3. Generate data regarding student ride times for monitoring, reporting and compliance with government guidelines.
    4. Assist in the planning of efficient bus routes and to verify that routes are driven as planned.
    5. Monitor safe driving practices such as proper use of loading lights, correct procedures for railway crossings, and driver speeds.
    6. Monitor bus idle times to promote efficiency.
    7. Generate distances for calculating driver salaries.
    8. As needed, provide data for high-level vehicle utilization reporting to allow comparisons and analysis of productivity.
    9. When necessary, investigate a complaint from a member of the public, investigate concerns raised internally and address productivity issues.