Doing What’s Best for Kids

General Administration AP 162: Smoke-Free Facilities


The Division is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, employees and visitors. All buildings and vehicles owned and operated by the Division, and all Division property, shall be smoke-free (tobacco and cannabis) environments.

In accordance with the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act and the Tobacco Act, and Bill 26, the Division prohibits tobacco and tobacco like products (including but not limited to cigarettes, vaping, hookah, e-cigarettes) use and possession by anyone under the age of 18 years of age in schools, in vehicles owned and operated by the Division and on school grounds or at school-related activities. Employees of the Division are expected to model the expectations of this Administrative Procedure.


  1. This Administrative Procedure applies to all users of Division operated buildings, including students, employees and visitors. It applies to all school activities as well as community use activities at Division operated buildings.
  2. This Administrative Procedure applies to vehicles owned and operated by the Division, which includes vehicles that are leased or contracted to the Division, including school buses.
  3. The Division will provide appropriate signs designating its facilities and vehicles to be “smoke-free”.
  4. With the prior approval of the Principal, the use of tobacco is permitted as part of religious/ceremonial events.