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General Administration AP 155: Event Protocol


The Superintendent has been given the responsibility to ensure positive internal and external communications are developed and maintained. Proper protocol is to be followed for events organized by the Division or its schools.

Protocols will vary from one situation to another, depending on who is involved in the particular event. Accordingly, in the planning for an event, the order of introductions and speakers must be given special attention.


  1. When organizing a public event at which dignitaries are present, introduce the most senior dignitaries first:
    1. Members of the Senate representing Alberta.
    2. MPs (cabinet members first).
    3. MLAs (cabinet members first).
    4. Board Chair.
    5. Trustees.
    6. Mayors and Reeves.
    7. Councillors.
    8. Division senior administration.
    9. Heads of other organizations
    10. Prominent community members.
  2. When organizing an event within Division schools, the introductions will take place in the following order:
    1. Board Chair.
    2. Vice-Chair.
    3. Trustees in attendance.
    4. Superintendent, Deputy, Associates.
    5. Principal, Assistant Principal.
  3. When organizing the order of speakers, protocols dictate that the most senior dignitary speaks last.
  4. Seating is to be arranged so that the most senior dignitary is closest to the podium at all times.
  5. Trustees are to be introduced at all times.
  6. Provision is to be made for trustees and other important guests to be greeted by staff or students.
  7. As audience members, dignitaries are to be provided with reserved seating in the front row.
  8. Invitations to trustees are to be issued by an individual invitation to the Division Office. The role and expectation is to be defined in the invitation.
  9. Trustees are to be notified at least one (1) week prior to the event.
  10. The Superintendent is to be contacted if a speaker is required at the Board or Division level.
  11. The Superintendent will be advised who will serve as the Master of Ceremonies (MC).
  12. When no trustee is available to attend, the MC will be advised to express regrets on behalf of the Board.
  13. For assistance, contact the Office of the Superintendent.