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General Administration AP 152: Dispute Resolution


The Division supports the rights of concerned individuals to make inquiries into the conduct of operations of the Division. In the interests of open communication, the Superintendent believes that inquiries must first be directed to the staff members most directly involved in the operations in question. If the parent or member of the public is not satisfied with the response at that level, s/he is to be encouraged to follow the lines of authority as appropriate.


  1. In making a formal inquiry, the individual must be prepared to address his/her concern in person or in writing to the person or persons involved.
  2. Normally complaints concerning operations can be resolved with the parties involved. On occasion the Superintendent or a trustee may receive a request to intervene in school or department affairs. In this event the complaint will be resolved according to the following:
    1. The Superintendent or designate will, as appropriate in the circumstance, refer a complaint or request for intervention to the school or department, engage in mediation, or conduct an inquiry.
    2. The Superintendent or designate will ensure, in cooperation with schools and departments, that parents or members of the public are provided with the opportunity to express their complaints and be heard fairly by school-based administrators and/or by Division administrators.
    3. The trustee, upon receiving an inquiry, will inform the Superintendent of the complaint. The complaint will then be dealt with as outlined above.
  3. Upon receiving an inquiry, the Superintendent or designate will ascertain if all local avenues for resolution have been considered. If not, the individual will be advised to do so as the first means of achieving resolution.
  4. If the individual feels his/her concern has not been adequately addressed by the person against whom the complaint has been lodged, the concerns are to be taken to that person’s immediate supervisor.
  5. If all local avenues have been exhausted, the Superintendent or designate will meet with the individual and school-based administrators in an attempt to resolve the issue.
  6. If resolution of the issue is not achieved at the Superintendent level, the individual shall be advised of his/her right to an appeal to the Board if the matter significantly affects the education of a student.