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General Administration AP 121: Development and Review of Administrative Procedures


The Superintendent has been given responsibility for implementation and review of the Administrative Procedures Manual. Regular review of administrative procedures, with opportunities for input from appropriate stakeholders, leads to effective operations with the Division.


  1. A review of all administrative procedures shall be conducted through the Office of the Superintendent.
  2. This review will provide opportunities for input from stakeholders as appropriate.
  3. Reviews shall ensure that each administrative procedure meets the following criteria:
    1. Each procedure is the responsibility of administration as delegated by the Board or as defined by legislation;
    2. Each procedure is consistent with Board Policy;
    3. Each procedure is consistent with other Administrative Procedures;
    4. Each procedure is consistent with the Division’s strategic direction as outlined in the Three Year Education Plan; and
    5. Each procedure ensures clear and consistent direction for the Division.
  4. Development or review of a specific administrative procedure may be initiated by any stakeholder at any time through a formal request to the Superintendent.
    1. The request will be expected to detail the issues and concerns associated with the administrative procedure and if possible, offer suggestions for revision.
  5. All newly developed administrative procedures and changes based on reviews of current administrative procedures shall be communicated expeditiously to all stakeholders.
  6. Upon receiving a formal request for review, the Superintendent will determine the appropriate process for developing and reviewing the specific administrative procedure to ensure that reasonable consideration is given to the request.