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General Administration AP 103: School Reviews


School reviews may be used to assist in the establishment and maintenance of appropriate instructional, program and management standards that contribute to a high level of student development and achievement in a school.


  1. The Superintendent has the primary responsibility for the supervision and evaluation of all schools in the Division.
  2. The review of the school will focus on the following:
    1. The suitability of goals, objectives and procedures;
    2. The efficiency of the delivery system to achieve the goals, objectives and procedures; and
    3. The results achieved.
  3. A review of a school may be conducted by review teams composed of:
    1. Alberta Education personnel;
    2. Division personnel;
    3. Invited personnel from other school systems; or
    4. University personnel.
  4. The Superintendent may request Alberta Education to conduct a school review, either in cooperation with the Division, or as an independent evaluator.
  5. The review may include a review of stakeholder satisfaction, student success, facility adequacy, program quality, support services or any other factor deemed necessary.
  6. The Principal shall, within sixty (60) calendar days of the receipt of the review report, provide a written action plan which effectively addresses the recommendations contained in the review report. The Superintendent will develop the format of the action plans.