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General Administration AP 101: Annual Education Results Report


Accountability is the obligation to be answerable for the performance and results of one’s assigned responsibilities. The Division recognizes its responsibility to keep stakeholders informed about accomplishments and work toward goals.

The Division will keep its school communities and the public informed of the overall results achieved in the Division through publishing and distributing an Annual Education Results Report Summary.


  1. The Superintendent will develop a combined Three Year Education Plan/Annual Education Results Report in accordance with Alberta Education requirements. The Superintendent will submit a draft document to the Board by October 31 and a final document by November 30 for approval. The Board will submit the Report to the Minister by November 30 of each year.
  2. The Annual Education Results Report will contain information regarding progress toward meeting the goals and objectives established by the Division in the Three-Year Education Plan.
  3. The Annual Education Results Report will contain the results on mandatory and optional measures gathered through the year from such activities as ongoing reviews, evaluations, surveys, planning sessions and workshops.
  4. The format for reporting optional measures and additional information in the Division Annual Education Results Report will be determined by the Superintendent.
  5. The combined Three Year Education Plan/Annual Education Results Report will be posted on the Division website.
  6. The Division shall use the Annual Education Results Report for information in the planning and policymaking cycle and make adjustments to its goals as necessary.
    1. Results must be used to create improvement actions.
    2. Any evaluative approach must be open and easily understandable.
    3. Any evaluative process is to include the ability to disaggregate results to identify high and low performing groups/sites/factors.
    4. Any long-term evaluative processes are to be stable over time.
    5. Results will not be used to rank schools, staff or programs.