Doing What’s Best for Kids

Elementary System of Reporting

Sharing the Story of Learning Through Ongoing Monitoring & Documenting of Learning

The Fort McMurray Public School Division System of Reporting Includes:

Monitoring Student Learning
Teachers monitor the progress of learning against the Program of Studies DAILY through a variety of formative, performance-based and summative tasks.

Documenting Student Learning
Teachers collect evidence of learning. Documentation can be physical or digital and can be displayed or recorded in a variety of media forms. Documentation of learning is shared with families to make learning visible and apparent. It reveals insights into learning and identifies areas of success, areas for growth, and next steps for students. Documentation often includes exemplars, checklists, rubrics, and anecdotal records and helps teachers capture when a learner demonstrates acquisition of knowledge, conceptual understanding, or skills.

Meet the Teacher
In September, each family will receive the opportunity to meet the teacher to establish open communication. Each school will set the format of the event, however, all schools must include a system that allows parents/guardians to easily identify and meet their child’s teacher.

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
Each school will decide on the format of the Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences. Each family will receive an opportunity to review examples of student work that demonstrate areas of success, growth, and next steps.

Learning Updates
Teachers will regularly communicate home on the progress of learning outcomes covered to date and about student progress.  Teachers can communicate through various formats including newsletters, emails, phone calls, portfolios, feedback on formative, performance-based and summative assignments, etc.

Gradebook Updates
Teachers are required to add a minimum of one assessed assignment monthly to all core subjects (ELA, FLA, Math, Science, Social).  A system-wide email will be sent to parents on the first week of each month encouraging parents to log on to PowerSchool to stay updated on learning progress.

Report Cards
Report Cards are published to share a level of achievement describing a child’s progress toward, and achievement of, grade-level outcomes.