Doing What’s Best for Kids

Meet The DO Team

Office of the Superintendent

Superintendent of Schools

Annalee Nutter

Executive Assistant

Traci Towe

Communications Coordinator

Momin Syed

Human Resources

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Administration

Merrie-Rae Mitsopoulos

Director of Human Resources & Administration

Scott Barr

Administrative Assistant to Human Resources Department

Stephanie Sceviour

Human Resources Coordinator

Linda Acheson

Human Resources Coordinator

Karyn Sullivan

On-Call Staff Coordinator

Shana Janisse

Division Office Safety Coordinator

Shelene Pelley

Business and Finance Services

Associate Superintendent of Business & Finance

Allan Kallal

Director of Business Services

Celestine Ezeh

Director of IT & Communications

Ali Syed

Director of Operations & Maintenance

Lonnie Pilgrim

Administrative Assistant of Business & Finance

Jody Coburn

Accounting Supervisor

Johannes Joubert

Accounting Supervisor

Sandra Jovaltsenko

Transportation Supervisor

Gloria Fountain

Admin Support Transportation

Tracy Dunphy

Accounts Payable

Samantha Burt

Payroll & Benefits - ATA

Payroll & Benefits - CUPE

Assistant/Support to Technology Department

Cheryl Johnson

I.T Support Technician

Connie Benson

I.T Support Technician

Wen Ting Hao

I.T Support Technician

Manish Walia

I.T Support Technician

Paul Wilson

Administrative Assistant to Operations & Maintenance Department

Pam Organ

Coordinator of Custodial Services

Jennifer Beales

O & M Administrative Coordinator

Rebecca Nielsen

Lead Maintenance Coordinator

Michael Paul

Inclusive Education

Director of Inclusive Learning

Cynthia Shelley

Administrative Assistant to Inclusive Learning

Laura Perry

Removing Barriers to Mental Health Coordinator

Mellanie Fraser

Supervisor of Inclusive Learning

Rhonda Blanchette

Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Maccray

Occupational Therapist

Shae Ditimoteo

Speech Language Pathologist

Paula Allen

Speech Language Pathologist

Sumari Erasmus

Front Desk Reception

Gloria Krahn


Director of Teaching & Learning

Jen Quigley

Literacy Coordinator

Denise McKinley

Supervisor of Educational Technology

Abbi Easton

Primary Numeracy Coordinator

Shannon Dube

Student Information System Coordinator

Julie Turner

Student Information System Coordinator

Tracy Dunphy

Enterprise Technology Coordinator

Miguel Borges