Division Office

Office of the Superintendent

Acting Superintendent of Schools

Annalee Nutter

Executive Assistant

Traci Towe

Communications Coordinator

Human Resources

Director of Administration & Human Resources

Merrie-Rae Mitsopoulos

Division Principal Administration & Human Resources

Chris Organ

Health and Safety Coordinator

Shelene Pelley

Human Resources Coordinator

Linda Acheson

Human Resources Coordinator

Karyn Sullivan

Administrative Assistant

Leanne Patey

On-Call Staff Coordinator

Shana Janisse

Business and Finance Services

Associate Superintendent, Business & Finance

Allan Kallal

Administrative Assistant

Diane Berg

Director of Business Services

Celestine Ezeh

Accounts Payable

Payroll & Benefits - ATA

Payroll & Benefits - CUPE

Transportation Supervisor

Director of IT & Communications

Ali Syed

Director of Operations & Maintenance

Lonnie Pilgrim

Inclusive Education

Acting Director of Education

Cynthia Shelley

Administrative Assistant

Laura Perry

Supervisor of Inclusive Learning

Rhonda Blanchette


Acting Director of Education

Scott Barr

Administrative Assistant

Jody Coburn