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Upcoming Partial Solar Eclipse: An Advisory for FMPSD Families

Posted on: General News

Dear FMPSD Families,

We have a celestial event on the horizon – a partial solar eclipse is set to grace our skies. This natural wonder is scheduled for Monday, April 8th, and offers an opportunity to witness one of nature’s most fascinating displays.

The eclipse will commence at 12:01 pm, reaching its zenith at 12:52 pm, and concluding by 1:42 pm. Notably, the peak of the partial solar eclipse aligns with the lunch hour, a time when our students are usually enjoying outdoor activities.

Given the potential risks associated with directly viewing a solar eclipse, we are taking proactive steps to safeguard our young learners' well-being:

Elementary School Students' Safety Measures:

  • To prevent the risks associated with improper viewing of the eclipse, elementary schools within the FMPSD will alter their schedules, ensuring that all activities involving students during the eclipse timeframe will be conducted indoors.

Junior High and High School Students' Advisory:

  • Students in Grades 7-12 will adhere to their regular timetable, which includes the provision to leave the school premises during the lunch break.

  • We recognize some families may prefer that their adolescents remain indoors during the eclipse. In such cases, we encourage parents to discuss this preference with their children. Rest assured, the schools will make available designated indoor areas for students who choose to stay inside.

To foster a spirit of learning and curiosity around this event while maintaining safety, we advise families to review eclipse viewing safety guidelines. Here are several resources for more information and safety tips:

An eclipse is a teachable moment that crosses our skies rarely, and we strive to make it both educational and safe for our students. We encourage family discussions about the eclipse and emphasize the importance of protective measures to ensure a risk-free and enjoyable experience for all.