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Spelling Bee Success for FMPSD Students

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(Fort McMurray, AB - April 8th, 2024) It was a display of linguistic dexterity and a testament to dedication as students from the Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) triumphed at the Spelling Bee of Canada Wood Buffalo Regional. On April 6th, the corridors of Walter & Gladys Hill Public School were buzzing with anticipation and excitement as eager participants from various schools gathered to compete in this intellectually challenging event.

The competition was tough, but FMPSD students were tougher, clinching an impressive five out of nine awards across multiple age categories. Their achievements reflect their hard work and highlight the calibre of education and support their respective schools provide.

Congratulations to our FMPSD champions:

Primary 1st place: Nicholas Nicholas Abdmeziem, Dave McNeilly Public School

Junior 2nd place: Ali Ahmied, Fort McMurray Islamic School. 

Junior 3rd place: Ayaan Ahmed, Fort McMurray Islamic School. 

Intermediate 1st place: Rayan Ahmad, Fort McMurray Islamic School. 

Intermediate 2nd place: Hiba Ali, Fort McMurray Islamic School.

This remarkable achievement underscores the importance of scholastic competitions like the Spelling Bee in nurturing young minds. They motivate students to expand their vocabulary, improve their spelling, and develop cognitive skills, including memory and quick thinking.

Superintendent Annalee Nutter celebrates the spirit of student accomplishment.

“Every participant is a winner for having the courage to step forward and challenge themselves. By participating, these students have  honed their spelling skills and cultivated valuable traits such as resilience, determination, and sportsmanship.”

For the students of FMPSD, this success is not merely about winning titles; it's about the enriching experience, the joy of learning, and the affirmation that hard work indeed pays off. The community's pride swells for these young spellers whose futures are bright with words yet to be mastered and worlds yet to be explored.

We congratulate Nicholas, Ali, Ayaan, Rayan, and Hiba on their exceptional performance at the Spelling Bee of Canada Wood Buffalo Regional. Their victories serve as a testament to their dedication and embodiment of the collective excellence nurtured at FMPSD. Their success at the Spelling Bee is a precursor to many more triumphs in their academic endeavours and beyond; with such talent and determination, the future is indeed spelt B-R-I-G-H-T for these young scholars.

For additional information, contact:

Momin Syed                                                           
Communications Coordinator
Fort McMurray Public School Division