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Register Now: FMPSD High School Technology Prep Course (Summer 2024, 6 Credits)

Posted on: General News

We want to notify parents and guardians that FMPSD will proudly offer a Summer School course designed specifically for current Grade 9-11 students.

This Technology High School Prep Course is fully online through Google Classroom, making it a great option for students to complete at their own pace and wherever is most convenient. 

Registration opens June 11, 2024. Click HERE to register. 

The course will open on June 15 for students who want to start early. Students have until July 15 to complete the course. 

There is no registration cost; a Chromebook will be supplied if needed.

Course Offered:

  • INFO 1030 - Word Processing 1 (1 Credit)
    • Google Docs
    • Microsoft Word
  • INFO 1060 - Spreadsheets 1 (1 Credit)
    • Google Sheets
  • INFO 1070 - Digital Presentations (1 Credit)
    • Google Slides
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • INFO 1910 - Browsing and Searching Safely (1 Credit)
    • Google Drive
    • Chrome Web Browser
    • Search Basics
  • COM 1255 - eLearning and Learning Management (1 Credit)
    • Copyright & Plagiarism  
    • How do you properly email in a school context? What are the subject line, formal language, etc.? 
  • COM 1910 - Online Sources and Security (1 Credit)
    • Chat GPT and AI
    • Credible Sources and FAKE News
    • Phishing