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FMPSD Students Shine at Canada-Wide Science Fair

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(Fort McMurray, AB - June 13th, 2024) Students from Westwood Community High School have made Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) proud by excelling at the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), held in Ottawa, Ontario, from May 26 to 31st. Their innovative projects garnered medals, special awards, and scholarships, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication to scientific research.

Medal-Winning Projects

Senior Bronze Medal: Tanya Jivani and Lalithya Raavi

Project: Fuelling the Future: Investigating Cost-Efficient Methods of Hydrogen Production

Tanya and Lalithya explored various combinations of readily available electrodes and electrolytes to optimize hydrogen production. Their research aimed to make hydrogen production more cost-effective by maximizing hydrogen output while minimizing mass change.

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Intermediate Bronze Medal: Shayan Awan

Project: NeuroSpectrum: A Brainwave-Powered Vision Enhancement Device

Shayan invented "NeuroSpectrum," a pair of goggles equipped with Bluetooth and voice recognition sensors. This device aids patients in reducing symptoms caused by certain visual perceptions, proving to be a significant development in vision enhancement technology.

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Special Award:

Project: Enhancing Bioplastic Performance Using Eggshell Waste and Chitosan

Student: Riley Saha Halder

Riley's project focused on improving potato starch-based bioplastics by integrating eggshell waste and chitosan as fillers. This innovation aims to expand the applicability and utility of bioplastics.

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Scholarships and Special Recognition

The achievements of these bright minds also earned them several prestigious scholarships:

  • Bronze Medals Entrance Scholarships: Tanya, Lalithya, and Shayan received $1,000 each toward Western University and $3,000 each toward Mount Allison University.

  • Senior Medalist Entrance Scholarships: Tanya and Lalithya were awarded $1,500 each toward Carleton University and $1,000 each toward the University of Ottawa.

  • Shad Canada Scholarship Award: Riley was granted $1,000 toward the program fee to attend Shad for July 2025.

FMPSD is incredibly proud of these students' accomplishments. Their hard work, creativity, and commitment to scientific excellence are truly inspiring. Congratulations to Tanya Jivani, Lalithya Raavi, Shayan Awan, and Riley Saha Halder for their outstanding achievements at the Canada-Wide Science Fair!


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