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FMPSD Giving Back: Christian Schools' Legacy Water Foundation

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(Fort McMurray, AB - December 1st, 2023)

Please introduce yourself

“Hi, my name is Jillian Jackman, and I am a Grade 2 Teacher at Fort McMurray Christian School.”

Can you tell us about the advocacy work your school has done?

Since 2019, Fort McMurray Christian School has collaborated with The Legacy Water Foundation. This Christian-based organization holds the belief that every individual holds immense value and deserves access to the most fundamental necessity: "CLEAN WATER”. The Foundation actively engages with local community volunteers in nations such as Haiti, Liberia, Ghana, South Sudan, and India. These volunteers profoundly understand their respective regions and demonstrate an exceptional ability to accomplish significant work with minimal resources.”

How was it originally organized, and how has maintaining it been throughout the years? 

“In 2019, Rosalind Clarke visited the Grade 2 class to conduct a presentation tailored to the Grade 2 science liquids unit. Her presentation centred on the global water crisis, providing an opportunity for students to contribute. Students engaged in various fundraising activities, including  Art and culture night, chores for donations and participating in the "Water for Water Challenge," wherein they replaced all other beverages with water for two weeks to raise funds for The Legacy Water Foundation. Additionally, they garnered sponsorship for a water walk around the school, carrying buckets of water. Students also heightened awareness through the creation of posters, brochures, videos, and announcements. Moreover, some students took the independent initiative by organizing personal projects like garage sales, recycling efforts, driveway shovelling, and crafting and selling bracelets and ornaments to raise funds for this cause.”

How does the Christian School Society contribute/help?

“The Fort McMurray Christian School School Society has played a pivotal role in supporting FMCS throughout this project. Their invaluable assistance in meticulously counting, sorting funds, handling all financial transactions, issuing cheques, and transferring funds to The Legacy Water Foundation has been indispensable. Additionally, they've shown tremendous support by creating graphics on community pages and, for a year, provided matching funds for specific projects.”

What has the impact been like for those abroad and Christian School students?

“Since 2019, FMCS has raised over $15,000, providing assistance to more than 10,000 individuals in gaining access to clean drinking water. At FMCS, students were educated about the global water crisis and given an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Another remarkable aspect of this project is that The Legacy Water Foundation shares photographs capturing the special moments in each community when wells are repaired. This impactful experience remains vivid in the memories of some students, who continue to talk about it years after their grade 2 involvement.”

What is the long-term goal of maintaining the project? 

“Our long-term objective is to transform this into a school-wide initiative involving all grades from ECDP to grade 9, encouraging each class to find unique ways to support The Legacy Water Foundation. Our aim is to align these efforts not only with each grade's curriculum but also with our students' individual hearts and desires. Our overarching goal remains steadfast: to continue backing The Legacy Water Foundation in its remarkable mission of providing clean, fresh drinking water to those in need—an essential facet of life. Furthermore, we aspire to extend this awareness beyond our school walls and into our community. Our ambition is to inspire others by sharing our story and encouraging everyone to play their part. We aim to raise funds and awareness and emphasize the significance of conserving our invaluable gift of water.

To keep up with our school’s initiative and its impact around the world, please check out information and posts on the Legacy Water Foundation Website.”

For additional information, contact:

Momin Syed                                                           
Communications Coordinator
Fort McMurray Public School Division