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News Release: FMPSD High Schools to Launch Online Course Selections on May 13

News Release: FMPSD High Schools to Launch Online Course Selections on May 13

(Fort McMurray, AB - May 11, 2020) Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) high schools will be launching online course selections for the 2020-2021 academic year on May 13, 2020. Parents/guardians, and students are encouraged to check school websites, and Division website at fmpsdschools.ca for updates. 

Westwood Community High School has AP (Advanced Placement) options for both junior and senior high students, while École McTavish High School boasts French Immersion and PEAK athletic programming. Fort McMurray Composite High School is nestled in the heart of downtown next to Keyano College, and Frank Spragins High School is our region’s only outreach program.

Annalee Nutter, Associate Superintendent, Education, FMPSD notes due to the current COVID-19 situation - giving parents/guardians and students online options as soon as possible is important.

“With learning at home and everything online now, we wanted to be proactive, and ensure students and their families can select courses quickly and conveniently. Our high school staff has been working hard to streamline information, and is available to assist with queries,” Nutter explained.

“At Westwood Community High School, we continue the tradition of excellence with a Triple A approach, encompassing programming for the Academics, Arts and Athletics,” noted Cynthia Shelley, Principal, Westwood Community High School.

“Since our expansion to include grades 7-12, we have been able to extend rich and unique learning opportunities for our students in the areas of computer science, environmental stewardship and leadership. We have added some new and exciting options for the 2020-2021 academic year, which can be seen on our website. You will also find a virtual tour of our school and videos to guide you through the course selection process. We look forward to connecting with our students, both new and returning Trojans, as we persevere through our current circumstances,” Shelley added.

Scott Barr, Principal, École McTavish High School shared, “we have developed a rich history of academics, performing arts, and athletic excellence, which continue to grow each year.”

“We are excited to launch our new plan for course selection for parents and students interested in McTavish. Families will find a description of courses on our website, what options are offered, what you need to graduate, and how to sign up for the courses, to name a few. While it is a new reality we are living in, we look forward to helping our families adjust and still understand the junior high and high school experience,” Barr said.

"Composite is the downtown high school and woven into the historical fabric of this community,” commented Danny Tulk, Principal, Composite High. The school will be open for fall following restoration from the recent flooding. 

“We are a smaller school, which offers a full host of academic and options courses. In conjunction with our community feel and Miner Pride, Composite High School hosts a large collection of specialized school programs such as VIP for special education students, Life Skills, and our well-known English Language Learners program. Not to mention our shop and recording facilities that are top of the line industry standard. We offer everything in a large school with the feel and connection of a small school. Come take a look for yourself. We are steeped in tradition, and poised for the future,” Tulk enthused. 

All course selections and further details available on school websites below:

Fort McMurray Composite High School: https://comp.fmpsdschools.ca/

Frank Spragins High School: https://frankspragins.fmpsdschools.ca/

École McTavish High School: https://ecolemctavish.fmpsdschools.ca/

Westwood Community High School: https://westwood.fmpsdschools.ca/


For more information, please contact:

Kiran Malik-Khan

Communications Manager          

Fort McMurray Public School Division