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Q & A for Students, Parents and Staff - Edition 6

Q & A for Students, Parents and Staff - Edition 6

PLEASE CONTINUE TO MONITOR THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE AT www.fmpsdschools.ca and our Twitter accounts @fmpsd @DougNicholls2

  1. Now that residents are starting to return to Fort McMurray, will Summer School be operating this year?

No.  Our schools are still in the restoration phase and some will be weeks away from being fully operational. Students are encouraged to review Alberta Distance Learning Centre course offerings.  Course work could be started with ADLC quickly once all application procedures have been completed.  

  1. What is the status of FMPSD schools in terms of the restorations?

Progress is being made and our insurance company’s restoration crew has increased its workforce up to 250 workers.

  1. Is District Office operational in case I have questions?

Yes.  Air quality has been cleared and many staff are back in place at our Hardin Street office.  The District’s temporary office in Edmonton still houses 5-6 employees. The Edmonton office will be wrapping up operations at the end of June.

  1. Will the District Office be open in July and August?

Yes. Office hours are now  Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Beginning July 4 to August 5, 2016, office hours will be Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

 5. What will happen to report cards for elementary and jr. high students?

The assessments up to the end of term two (2) will be utilized. With the restoration in the buildings and the fact that many staff are still in different parts of the country, this was the practical approach to a difficult situation.  All students will be promoted to the next year and we will continue to support their learning and development. While the school year ended early, the majority of the curriculum was covered and a review will be completed in the new school year.  

6. What about high school report cards?

High school marks have been submitted to Alberta Education. Students will be able to review their final marks effective July 14th through myPass. Some students are enrolled in courses and are attempting to raise their marks.  The highest mark of the FMPSD school awarded mark or the student’s newly earned mark will be the final mark on the transcript. Some students are also choosing to write the diploma examination which will impact the final grade. Students with additional questions should contact their school principal.

  1. Will the District have fewer teachers and support staff members for next year?

Each year the District's budget and staffing is based on funding from Alberta Education. We are working with Alberta Education to finalize the District’s budget for 2016-17 and the Board anticipates a response from Government in the near future. We are expecting appropriate resources from Alberta Education to deal with our community’s needs.

  1. What is the update on Beacon Hill School?

The plan for students and staff of Beacon Hill School is to move them to Dr. K.A. Clark Elementary School for 2016-17. The two schools will operate in one building for next year. Staff will follow the students to Dr. Clark.  Grade 7 and 8 students will be attending Composite High School as announced previously.

  1. What is the latest on the District’s new school, Christina Gordon School?  Will it operate?

Principal Rick Thorne has been in contact with parents and staff providing the most recent information available.  While the physical opening of the school will be delayed because of the evacuation, the school will operate out of Timberlea Public School to start the year. The exciting programs planned for September are moving forward for our students of our newest school.  For further information, please contact richard.thorne@fmpsd.ab.ca or call 587.276.2017, or visit their website

  1. The District Welcome Back event for FMPSD staff has had a “Big Three” focus on Health Schools, Healthy Planet and High Achievement.  Will that continue this August?

Yes.  The date of the District Welcome Back is Thursday, September 1, 2016. Discussions are already occurring to plan for another special day for our staff.

11. Will there be meetings organized by FMPSD for families who have been affected by the fire and who have questions about next year’s school programming?

Yes.  Look for confirmed dates within the next seven to 10 days. The District will be holding a community meeting before the end of June and others during the summer break. For immediate responses to questions, parents should email their school principal for clarification or email teena.francis@fmpsd.ab.ca who will forward the questions to the right individual.

  1. Will there be bussing next year?

Yes.  Sparksman Transportation has informed the District that its fleet is intact and that it will be ready to go for September.  Because of the possibility of late registrations, we will be asking parents to be patient as routes are adjusted from last year.

13.  Is the Board of Trustees meeting and returning to operation?

Yes. The Board’s next regular meeting is being held at District Office on Hardin Street on Wednesday, June 22nd.  The agenda may be found on the District’s website at www.fmpsdschools.ca .  Please note that the agenda is subject to change prior to the Board of Trustees Regular Meeting.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO MONITOR THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE AT www.fmpsdschools.ca and our Twitter accounts @fmpsd @DougNicholls2

Thank you for your support of our students, staff, and parents of FMPSD.  Further Q and A’s will be provided in the future.  Please continue to check all communication accounts on a regular basis.

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