Advance Placement English - Oh the Places You'll Go!!

Recently Westwood High School students in the Advance Placement Program have been working on a writing project with a ‘sister’ class in Henrico, Virginia.  The students in both classes have developed a blog in which they discuss major topics in class, interpret literature, and help each other through assignments based on the AP Literature exam.    

Recently the co-teacher in this project, Robert Meister (Henrico, Vigrinia) won a teaching award and in the article written about him he, and some of his students, talked about the impact of working with the Westwood students, and how it has transformed their learning.  

Part of the article reads: "Meister has also created a "pen-pal" relationship between his Tucker students and a group of high school students in Alberta, Canada, through a blog in which they discuss books. The blog experience prompted one student to write that "in the past 12 weeks of his class [Meister] has connected me with more international studying methods than any of my 13 foreign language classes I have taken in high school. He asks such deep and thought-provoking questions that we, his students, can often apply them to all of our classes. In one 90-minute session, this man can make you think to such a new level that it makes reality sort of slap you in the face and realize the deeper meaning of things."

Click here for the link to the full article.