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We love parental support and more importantly, parental involvement in education. We want to provide you with the best resources available. We encourage you to visit your child’s school website and become actively involved in the school community.



Blanket Student Accident Insurance 

In addition to any work benefits or personal insurance a family may have, Blanket Student Accident Insurance covers students while they are at school or on sanctioned school activities. If an accident happens, this coverage reduces costs to parents for expenses incurred over and above a family benefit plan.

To submit a claim, please complete the form: Click Here


In-School Settlement Support Program

The In-School Settlement Support Program (ISSSP) is a shared idea between settlement agencies and school boards from Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Grande Prairie. In Fort McMurray, the program is coordinated by the Edmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA) and the Public and Catholic School Boards. It is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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