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KEEP (Kindergarten Expanded Education Program)

KEEP (Kindergarten Expanded Education Program)

Fort McMurray Public Schools will implement an additional pilot year of KEEP in 2019-2020. The funded half-day Kindergarten program in all elementary schools will be supplemented by an optional extended program in some schools. This optional program is available in the following schools:

Beacon Hill Public School
Dave McNeilly Public School
École Dickinsfield Public School (English)
Thickwood Heights Public School
Timberlea Public School
Westview Public School

  • KEEP is an opportunity for Kindergarten children to expand their learning through an extended day at school. Half-day programming will remain the same as it currently is, following the provincial curriculum. The funded half-day will be supplemented with an optional half-day that allows the student to be at school for a full day. As half of the day is optional, the time can be used to extend their learning, as well as offer more time for exploration and inquiry through child-initiated free play, structured play, and inquiry-based learning.

  • Alberta Education provides 475 hours of funding for children with special needs under Program Unit Funding (PUF). Unfortunately, we are unable to extend educational assistant support to the extra hours in the expanded program of KEEP.

  • The existing Full Day Kindergarten Program at Dr. Clark School will continue as is. The program will continue to be available only for children residing within the designated boundaries of Dr. Clark School.

  • Parents can register their children for kindergarten at the school or online: www.fmpsdschools.ca. In addition to the registration form, there is an application for KEEP program where you will identify your intent to have your child participate in the optional expanded education program.

  • All Kindergarten programming will continue to have certificated teachers.

  • KEEP will have a maximum charge of $200 per month, and is designed for students residing in the attendance area of the identified schools. Children residing in those areas will be considered first for KEEP, however, there will be a wait list for children from other areas. Parents will be responsible for transporting their child to and from school if it is outside their designated area.

  • Bus transportation remains as it presently is for children residing in the catchment area. Bus fees apply.

  • A review of the feasibility and benefits of the program will occur in the Spring of 2020. At that time, decisions about continuing or expanding the program will be made.

Register for KEEP 2019-2020 School Year Form