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A Message from the Superintendent


Safety Bulletin

Red Cross: First Aid Toolkit for Youth Sports

Here are 10 additional tips to keep in mind when you’re cheering on your team:       

  1. Take note of where the nearest AED can be found in the sports facility or school. It could save an athlete or a spectator’s life in a cardiac arrest. Also, making sure you know your exact location ahead of time can save important minutes when talking to dispatch during an emergency.
  2. Make sure kids who have severe allergies or who suffer from asthma bring their Epipen and inhalers to their games and practice sessions.
  3. Be cautious around head injuries. Don’t let kids go back on the field to play if they have a blow to the head and/or are exhibiting concussion symptoms such as headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness. Seek medical advice.
  4. Encourage kids to warm up before jumping into action and to stretch slowly at the end of the game.
  5. Insist young athletes wear all the safety gear recommended for the sport and check that it’s in good condition and fits properly. Replace any cracked or damaged safety equipment right away.
  6. Promote proper hydration and nutrition before and after the game. That advice goes for fans, too!   
  7. Don’t push kids to play through injuries. Listen to what they are saying about how their body is feeling.
  8. Be a role model when you’re on the sidelines. Fair play and respect go hand in hand with a positive experience in sports at all levels.
  9. Keep an eye out for signs of anxiety and depression. Sports should be fun! It’s just as important to take action to support a young person’s mental health as it is their physical well-being. Our Psychological First Aid training can give you a good foundation, tips on recognizing stress early and self-care strategies.  
  10. Download our free first aid app available in the Apple and Google Play stores that feature handy tips for dealing with a wide range of medical emergencies. Get it before the next big game!


See Alberta Government's School Bus Safety Information Bulletin